Monday, November 4, 2013

Chapter 3: Careers in Health Care

Part I: You are the Human Resource Specialist at the local health care facility. Your job responsibilities include advertising for available positions. Create a help wanted advertisement for one of the occupations listed below (or get one approved with Ms. Hammang)

respiratory therapist
pharmacy technician
Occupational therapy assistant
physical therapist
medical assistant
dental hygienist
dental assistant
Registered Nurse
Certified Nursing Assistant
Nurse practitioner
Veterinary Technician
Medical Laboratory Technologist
Cardiovascular Tech.
Medical transcriptionist
Health Unit Coordinator
Central Processing Technician
Registered Dietician
Physicians Assistant
Athletic Trainer
Speech Therapist (pathologist)
Physical Therapy Assistant

Your Ad should include the following 

  1. Job Title
  2. Location (if your profession works in multiple locations pick one!)
  3. Job description (at least 8-10 sentences...write these in your own copying and pasting!)
  4. Education required & Certification/licensure/registration (if required)
  5. Desired personality traits and skills (this should be at least one paragraph)
  6. Entry level salary
  7. PLEASE PRINT 3 copies of this advertisement

Part II: 

Today (and Friday this week) you will be investigating a few health care careers! will get a lot out of assignments like this if you put the effort in to RESEARCH and LEARN! This is about YOUR future!

1. You will choose TWO  health care careers (you can do a third one for a little extra credit) of interest to you and research using a variety of websites to learn about the job description, education, wages, working environment, and job outlook of each. After reflecting on what you have learned about each career, you will write a reflection paragraph describing whether or not this career is a match for you. Please give this portion of the assignment a great deal of thought and compose a detailed, reflective paragraph of no less than 6 sentences.

2. To complete the assignment, respond in a word document to the following questions. Provide information in complete sentences and double space between topics. When finished you will save it with the following title and email it to me
      Title:     2012-11-27-YourName-CareerResearchTemplate

QUESTIONS to answer: 
1)Job Description: (examples: duties performed, level of responsibility, patient population)
2)Education: (examples: Levels of education required, type of course work)
3) Working Conditions (examples: schedule, setting, independent or part of staff/team)
4) Wages: (examples: median annual income, Montana/National averages, factors affecting income)
5)Job Outlook: (examples: projected job growth, job security, availability

Suggested websites to use...but you can use any. Just make sure you cite them!
Occupational Outlook Handbook (click on healthcare in the left side bar) (pretty user friendly; note tabs at top on career pages)
WI Health Careers Information Center (amazing site...looks at 80 of the most common careers)American Medical Association (good info but limited number of careers)

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